Khudh Beyadi Foundation

for Charity and Development

About Growing Up

About Growing Up


Khudh Beyadi  Foundation for Charity and Development is a civil society Foundation based in the capital Sana'a. Khudh Beyadi operates in all the Yemeni governorates, and is specialized in providing services for people with (Movement and Hearing) disabilities, established under the provisions of the Law of Associations and Foundations No. (1) for the year 2001 according to the Ministerial Regulation No. (34/249) on (31/8/2009), Under the articles of this system, it is a non-governmental foundation called (Khudh Beyadi Foundation for Charity and Development), was founded by a group of experts led by the deceased Mrs. Fatima Al-Aqel. Mrs. Najat Al-Aqel, her sister, has been continuing her course of charity and donation.

Consequently, Khudh Beyadi is generally one of the most important Foundation known in charity and social action, and particularly in serving and rehabilitation of people with hearing and movement disabilities. Khudh Beyadi enjoys leading and valuable experience in this area compared to other Foundations as they kept serving and working under the most difficult circumstances in Yemen. This is due to the trust obtained from their beneficiaries and donors.