Khudh Beyadi Foundation

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Biography of the former head of the institution

Biography of the former head of the institution


Name: - Fatima Ahmed Abdullah sapiens.

Nationality: - A Yemeni Place of birth: - Aden home: - White

Academic Qualifications :-

-lessans Philosophy Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, 1987.

Diploma Islamic Studies - Al-Azhar University - Cairo 1989.

Diploma in Faculty of Education, Sana'a University, 1993.


Work: -

- A social worker at the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs 1993.

- Director of the Institute of the martyr preferred Ollala of the Blind, 1995.



Voluntary work: -

* Founder and President of the Security Association for the Blind 06/06/1999 m.

* Head of six consecutive years (two elections) of the Yemeni Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Blind end of 1992-1999m.

* Work six years in the light of the Blind School - Cairo 1986 -1992 m.

* President of the Foundation Take my hand development charity for the disabled 2009.



Posts internal and external: -

 Interior: -

* Member of the Preparatory Committee of the Yemeni Union for the disabled 9/1999 m.

* Establish a coordinating body for the Yemeni non-governmental organizations for the Rights of the Child in 1994.



Foreign: -

* Member of the Federation of the Blind of the Committee on the Middle East - Riyadh 1998.

* Member of the Arab Organization for the Disabled, based in Beirut - Lebanon 1997.

* Member of the World Blind Union - Australia 1993.

* Member of the International Rehabilitation Organization, 2002.

* Member of the Federation for the Blind Asia - India 2002.


Participate in: - courses

* Rehabilitation of the merger cycle parameters in the field of visual impairment - Security Association - Social Fund for Development - Oxfam 7/2000 m.

* Course in oral communication - Beirut-Lebanon, 1998.

* Course in project preparation + 1998 annual plan m.

* Course in 1998 income-generating projects.

* Consecutive Session of the workers civil associations - Follow-up Committee of the Conference of NGOs and global support center in 1997.

* Workshop building management civil non-governmental organizations - cultural and media attached to the US - 1997 Family Welfare Society.

* A workshop on the role of the community in development work - Arab Resource Organization and Swedish 1997.

* Course in gender and disability - Oxfam 1997.

* Course in management development and institution building built by the US and international support for the Cairo-based 1996.

* Course in management, planning and reporting year 1996, the implementing agency of the Center for Arab support to the network.

* Cycle in a workshop in leadership and management of the Blind Association in New Delhi