Khudh Beyadi Foundation

for Charity and Development

Ensure the scientific project for people with disability

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Objectives of the project

General objective

Improve the educational conditions of the disabled

Target objective


Project Description

Are offered monthly aid for each student with disabilities in both male and female high school or university for ten months and is distributed as follows :

Target group

The proposed budget for the project

The total proposed budget per student with disability: $ 2000 per year.

Item Duration Monthly cost Number Total Notes
Transportation Allowance 10 Months 50$ 40 20,000$  
Feed Costs 10 Months 50$ 40 20,000$ Partial contribution of disabled
Establishment Expenses 10 Months 50$ 40 20,000$ The contribution of disabled university in housing fees
Educational Requirements 500$ 40 20,000$ Paid once
Fees For Follow-Up Team 10 Months 50$ 3 1500$  
Total 81,500$